Our Work

Fyahplace is A cultural art space, social enterprise rooted in African-centric traditions and sensibilities, a space for people to explore the arts and be creative. encouraging critical thinking, curiosity and understanding of Traditional crafts in the widest social and cultural contexts. We initiates creative programmes. All levels. which stimulate artistic excellence, and support like minded  Creatives

Our workshops include :

Textile dyeing
Wood carving
Mask Making
Culture Creativity and Enterprise.
Studio Glass studio opening soon.

Each workshop is tailored to specific needs of  Participants.

Workshops are inclusive and mutually supportive.

Our Impact

An improved sense of health and well being, learning new skills.A dedicated creativespace a space to explore.

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Current focus 2018=2020

The focus of our current work includes:

  1. Raising funds to Purchase and develop current property in Rockhall
  2. Culture Creativity Enterprise.

Future work

Launching two exciting projects

  • Loose Women of the Rock
  • The Cotton Tree Project