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We are please to be able to offer at present three main crafts, from beginners leve to advance levels

Talking Patterns

Using traditional dyeing techniques these workshops provide ‘hands on’ practical experience in one of the world oldest crafts. The workshops will covers  the visual language of textile patterns, the symbolism attached to them and how patterns and symbols can be used to store knowledge.A practical and fun class book for a day or longer.  You always take something back with you.  Suitable for all ages. BOOK NOW or CONTACT US  

Rhythms of Life

An interactive workshop using African drums and traditional instruments exploring patterns and rhythms. No prior knowledge of drumming or musical skills is required. Everyone is given their own drum or percussion instrument and within minutes is able to progress from simple notes to more complex rhythms. Suitable for all age groups min 1 maximum twenty.    BOOK NOW or CONTACT US

Traditional Pottery

Come discover the art of traditional pottery a craft that utilizes the four elements of fire, water, earth, air. Workshop will learn the time-honoured burnishing techniques experiment with motifs and decorative mark making, slip decoration and the art of Smoke firing. Come explore traditional  vessels/ bowls shapes. Each block of workshops runs for ten weeks 2 days a week  Individual or groups welcomed.  BOOK NOW or CONTACT US

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Create and Connect

Create and Connect our monthly creative day underpins the ethos of Fyahplace. A day when you can visit, take part in various workshops, do some farming or just walk the farm, eat good food and connect  with folks. A day to explore your creative side. Local and international creatives come to share and exchange ideas and craft skills. All in an inclusive atmosphere. You always take something back with you. See you at the next one.



Culture Creativity Enterprise

Mass-produced goods have all but destroyed the passing down of knowledge of traditional crafts. The implementation of a program to train, support and regenerate the local craft industry is one way of addresing this issue. With youth unemployment more than twice the national adult average, CCE for those who have left secondary education becomes one  way this marginalized group can learn a skill, be creative and be able to generate sustainable incomes. CCE is targeted at young people between the age of 15-22 and runs in 10 week blocks.  Crafts include pottery, basic wood turning, bamboo crafts, basket weaving and more.  If you have a skill you would like to share or intetested in the nexk course. Please contact us for further infomation

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