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A cultural art space and social enterprise rooted in African-centric traditions and sensibilities. A space  to explore the arts and be creative. Whether it be ceramics, painting, drawing, drumming, creative writing, story telling, Basket making, traditional textile dyeing or some farming .

Despite being less than 30 minutes’ drive from Jamaica’s buzzing capital, Kingston, Rock Hall retains much of its traditional charm as a farming community where the red earth is planted with bananas, pumpkin, plantain and ground provisions and chickens and goats are among the residents.

Folks here still give each other friendly greetings and their close knit ties ensure they ‘look out’ for one another and welcome visitors as extended family members.

Rock Hall’s elevation of more than 2000 feet guarantees a cool respite from the heat of the lower regions and its stunning panoramic views of the mountains of three parishes and glorious purple and pink, red and orange sunsets are of unparalleled beauty.

Come to learn, to browse, to shop or just to soak up this positive creative environment.


Fyah Place School of Traditional Arts 

Culture Creativity and Enterprise

Nurturing of Craft Traditions

A place where young people can discover and develop their talents for Traditional arts. Graduates will be open to new career opportunities, trying themselves as artists, sculptors, or hand-made master-hands. Due to the creative atmosphere cultivated in Fyahplace School of Traditional Arts the students will feel free to express themselves and explore their outlooks and inner world by the means of Crafts and Art. Based on progressive educational methods and the professionalism of teachers, the school will prepare highly-qualified, intellectually Holistic and spiritually-enriched specialists. 

Mass-produced goods have all but destroyed the passing down of knowledge of traditional crafts.  The implementation of a program to train,  support and regenerate the local craft industry is therefore essential.  With youth unemployment more than twice the national adult average, vocational training for those who have left secondary education becomes the only way this marginalized group can be integrated and become useful members  and leaders of their community.

Proprosed school building . Launching crowd funding for School Building soon. Pls support us.

Planned school building . Launching crowd funding for School Building soon. Pls support us.

Keeping the Traditions Alive and Relevant

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