LOUD DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!  Hello and welcome to The Village blog.  Well the websiteblog has finally been completed, and what a journey! We belive very strongly that. “Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.”  Here you’ll find the latest  news on everything about Fyahplace– from cool product/service updates to interviews with widely interesting people, (yes, there are wildly interesting people running around here starting with us  of course)  plus stories and ramblings told in our own unique way. Along the way, we’ll try to make this blog a touch more interesting to read than your computer’s user manual.

So bookmark this blog, email to a friend/colleague or add our RSS feed, and let’s pump up the volume on news at Fyahplace. And of course, we’d love getting your feedback on this blog,  and what you want to see discussed (and showcased) in the future.

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Until next time friends… Love and Light

Fyahplace  hoistic creative cultural space is both a virtual and physical space. come visit us.



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