Summer Camp fundraising

Justgiving Summer camp fund raising

This year we are running a summer camp for 7-10 year olds at FyahPlace. The summer holidays one of the most stressing for parents in the community, with no provision made for children. Because parents have to work and  have very little or no funds to make sure children are ocuppied. with many  left on their own.

The camp will help provide a safe secure space with an exciting range of activities taught by dyamic tutors and volunteers. Arts and craft  will including textle art, story telling, pottery, and drumming. An amazing show and performance will be the centre piece of camp.

We have carried out a few mini camps and have been extremley sucessful.

This year we would like to support 20 young pleople providing and covering all cost including food. Breafast and Lunch.

Help us by funding our just giving crowd-fund. Thank you.


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